So I Slept with My Husband’s Boss

Since we’re almost to the weekend we decided to change things up a bit; we want to try something new. After you read the following Sinner’s story, we want you to name the Commandments broken and/or Sins committed. But remember, judge not lest ye be judged.

I’ll keep this submission simple. I slept with my husband’s boss, almost. The story goes like this. I was in a loveless marriage, he was in love with me, I wasn’t in love with him. We had a baby girl who was only month’s old at the time. My husband worked for the city as a fleet manager and I would go by to have lunch with him a couple of times a week. If he was busy his boss and I would make small talk until he was available. We started out talking about his girlfriend and our little girl, you know, this and that. It wasn’t long before I picked up on his subtle flirtations. He was attractive and paid me the attention that I needed. I don’t know how we ended up exchanging numbers, maybe it was when I texted him a picture of my daughter. We kept in contact almost daily, nothing significant, just jokes and small talk. One night he texted me and asked me if I could meet him. I said yes and made up an excuse to run to the store. I met him in the parking lot of a supermarket in my neighborhood. We talked briefly and before I knew it we were engaged in practically everything, except sex. I won’t deny that we had a few hot and heavy meetings before it ended. I don’t know how it ended, we just stopped texting and talking. My husband and I eventually divorced. He never found out about my infidelity. I know what I did was wrong, but I can’t help but look back on my brief affair and be thankful for the chance to experience such a rush.

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